Jobs and Growth

The Mayor has a key role in creating economic opportunities for Cambridge, and Kathryn will continue to work with local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, all levels of government and the regional Economic Development Corporation to attract and establish leading companies in our community. While representing Cambridge at the provincial level, Kathryn brought millions of government dollars to expand local businesses and is knowledgeable of the many sectors represented in the Cambridge business community.

We can attract and develop top tier talent here in Cambridge so they can join the leading organizations in Cambridge: eg.Toyota, ATS, BWXT, AECON, Frito-Lay, eSentire, the University of Waterloo, Conestoga College, and many more.

Revitalizing our Three Downtowns

Cambridge is made up of our three unique communities of Hespeler, Preston and Galt. By embracing this heritage we can enrich our community.

As Mayor, Kathryn would work with the downtown BIAs in Hespeler, Preston, and Galt to help build up these core areas, attracting new investment and opportunities.

Selling “Cambridge”

Cambridge has so many things to offer prospective businesses – for example, we’re a centre of excellence in the nuclear supply chain and have a growing advanced manufacturing sector.

We need a Mayor who will actively promote Cambridge to Ontario, Canada and international markets and bring new investment and opportunities here.

Cutting Red Tape

Some developers have found that obtaining building permits and advancing their developments can be an arduous process.

As Mayor, Kathryn would work to reduce red tape at city hall and ensure it is easier for companies to create jobs here in Cambridge. This means streamlining applications, providing a one window approach to investors and putting client focused processes in place at city hall.

Better Transit and Reduced Traffic

As former Minister of Transportation, Kathryn McGarry understands that an easier commute and the ability to run a quick errand is important for an economically viable, modern city.

Good public transit and transportation options are key drivers in economic development and ensure a better quality of life for everyone in our community. As Mayor, Kathryn will make sure that Cambridge gets its fair share from Regional, provincial and federal funding for planned projects.

Planning for Phase 2 of the LRT requires more consultation and communication with residents, especially those in Preston, to establish the final route. Our community should have a transparent and feasible funding plan in place before this project begins.

Better coordination on construction projects that the City, Region and Province are building can better prevent unnecessary delays along key routes.

With Kathryn as Mayor, we can finally get shovels in the ground on the eastern bypass route to reduce truck traffic through the city.

While Kathryn was the Minister of Transportation, she launched a study on a new option to bring a GO train to Cambridge that would connect Cambridge to the existing GO train network through Guelph. This route would also link Cambridge to the High Speed Rail on this corridor, once built. Cambridge needs a strong advocate to push the region, province and federal governments to ensure this important transit link receives the funding it needs and can move forward.

With her knowledge and experience on these transportation issues, and positive relationships across different levels of governments, Kathryn is the only candidate who can work to address the transit and transportation needs of our city.