Leadership and Accountability

Cambridge is a beautiful city, with exceptional amenities, and it deserves a Mayor who is a force for positive change. A Mayor who is excited to represent its people. As Mayor, Kathryn will work tirelessly for the people of Cambridge, and bring a fresh, energized, and collaborative leadership style to city hall.

The people of Cambridge need the Mayor, Council and staff to work together as a team to help our community achieve a bright future for themselves and their families.

As a community builder and experienced leader, Kathryn has cultivated positive relationships with leaders across Ontario. She knows how to work with the region, province, and federal government to make sure Cambridge is heard and at the table.

A Mayor that Listens - then Acts

City hall isn’t working. Decisions are being made behind closed doors, with little meaningful consultation with the public or council members ahead of decisions.

Kathryn has a different approach. In establishing priorities, she would actively listen to the public and Council, work to build consensus and act to deliver a result that benefits our community. She believes in a more open, transparent, cost effective decision making process.

Regular Town Halls and Citizen Committees

Kathryn is committed to authentic public engagement. As Mayor, Kathryn would host regular town halls in every ward, ensuring the Mayor and local councillors participate in an open forum to listen to and discuss issues with residents.

This keeps residents engaged and makes the Mayor and council more informed and accountable.

Additionally, Kathryn would plan to have four Citizen Committees that would provide important advice to the Mayor and Council. These would include a Seniors’ Council, a new Youth Advisory Council, a Multicultural Engagement Committee, and Sport and Tourism Committee.

Respecting Taxpayer Dollars

Cambridge residents are concerned that their hard-earned tax dollars are not being spent on their priorities.

Kathryn wants to bring more fiscal responsibility to our city. We need to explore more opportunities to leverage taxpayer money and consider more partnerships to fund the things our community needs. By reviewing priorities for our city, we can create a plan to achieve our goals.

With the new provincial government cutting some funding to municipalities, and pausing other programs, we are entering a period of uncertainty for municipalities. As an experienced provincial Minister in charge of two large Ministries with budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Kathryn is well suited to help Cambridge navigate through these issues and identify opportunities to access funding so Cambridge gets its fair share.