Mary-Margaret McMahon
MPP, Beaches—East York

"Kathryn McGarry has it all! Competence, charisma, and a true sense of collaboration. She brings a wealth of experience to the position, both inside and outside the political arena. Kathryn is the kind of driving force I can get behind to move the Ontario Liberal Party forward."


Lucas Borchenko
President, Young Liberals of Canada

"As President of the Young Liberals of Canada I know that youth need to be engaged at the grassroots level to rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party. Kathryn’s ability to build teams and inspire people is why I’m proud to endorse her as the next President of the party."


Dipika Damerla
City Councillor and former MPP, Mississauga East—Cooksville

"I have gotten to know Kathryn for many years now, both as friend and as a colleague. With her experience in holding several positions in the party and a track record of getting important work done, I know that she is the best person to be Party President as we gear up for the next election."


Sean Mitchell
Ontario Young Liberals Riding Director

"As both a member of the Ontario Young Liberals and growing up in a rural riding I believe that Kathryn has the experience to bring to engage and motivate all members across our province. Her commitment to a party that represents all of us is why I know she will be the best person to serve as party President."


Mary Margaret Laing
Member, Thunder Bay—Atikokan

"I have had the privilege of watching closely as Kathryn has volunteered in her community, and ran for office. I have seen her extraordinary leadership qualities: creating teams, reaching out to partners, gathering input and working hard for consensus. In everything she has done, her work and service were exceptional. The Ontario Liberal Party could not have someone better as our President."


Jordan Hudyma
OLP Regional Vice President, North

"The Ontario Liberal Party will only be better off with Kathryn as President, full stop. We need not look any farther than her resume to understand the breadth of experience and competence that we stand to benefit from with her at the helm of Executive Council. Join me in support of her candidacy - McGarry for President 2023!"


Lee Fairclough
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Etobicoke—Lakeshore

"I am so pleased that Kathryn McGarry has stepped forward to run for President of the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) at this important time. Her commitment to community in many forms of leadership in public service as well as her history of volunteerism with the OLP means she has the experience to lead. Having worked alongside her as a healthcare leader through the pandemic in the region, I also know she cares deeply about people and what matters to them."


Raechelle Devereaux
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Guelph

"I have had the opportunity to work alongside Kathryn McGarry for many years to improve well-being in our neighbouring communities. Her leadership, courage and vision are just what the Ontario Liberal Party needs at this critical time, which is why I support Kathryn's bid to become our next President this March."


Claire Sauveterre
Activist and Organizer

"Kathryn McGarry is going to do the important work necessary to support the success of women within our party, especially those who are also members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. The Ontario Liberal Party needs a President who is experienced, and committed to leading with courage. I believe Kathryn is that leader."


Ismail Mohamed
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Kitchener South—Hespeler

"As an OLP candidate from the most recent election, I know that in order to lay the groundwork for the next election, we have to build our party from the grassroots up. Kathryn gets this. Her long standing history with the OLP, coupled with her drive and determination to re-engage the membership, makes her best suited to lead our Executive Council at this critical moment in the OLP."


Jerry Levitan
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Davenport

"I’m really excited to support Kathryn for President of the Ontario Liberal Party. She has a bold, vibrant vision for the future of the party and it’s one I can get behind. She knows what it takes to roll up your sleeves and get to work, and that’s something Ontario Liberals have to do to get ready for 2026."


Valerie Bradford
Member of Parliament, Kitchener South—Hespeler

"I’m so excited that Kathryn has put her name forward to be President of the Ontario Liberal Party. I’ve gotten to know Kathryn for several years as a friend, and I know she is the best person for the job. She is the type of consensus builder that the party needs right now. Her commitment, energy, and passion for the Ontario Liberal Party will be a huge asset as we prepare for 2026!"


Roger Martin
Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston PLA VP, Former Eastern Region VP

"Experience matters. As a former MPP, Cabinet Minister in charge of two large ministries, and Mayor, I believe Kathryn McGarry is best positioned to help rebuild our party into a modern, inclusive party representative of all Ontarians. The Ontario Liberal Party is at a crossroads and we need an experienced guide at the helm. That's why I support Kathryn for OLP President."


Reza Moridi
Former MPP and Minister

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kathryn very well over years as both a caucus colleague and friend. I have witnessed first hand how hard working, passionate and caring she is and I know that she is exactly the kind of person the Ontario Liberal Party needs at this time for President. She understands the importance of engaging Ontario Liberals across the province and building up local riding associations in every corner of Ontario. She's the one for the job!"


Emilie Leneveu
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Bay of Quinte

"As one of the youngest candidates in the last campaign, I know how important it is for younger voices to be heard and welcomed in our party. I believe in Kathryn’s vision for the Ontario Liberal Party, and I know that it’s one that will celebrate and support the voices of younger Liberals from every corner of the province."


Tim Vine
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Algoma—Manitoulin

"As a proud Ontario Liberal from a northern riding, I know how important it is to have a President that represents all grassroots members. Kathryn's commitment to being a President for everyone (no matter where you live in Ontario) speaks volumes to me. If elected as President of the Ontario Liberal Party, I know her leadership and grit will be a benefit to the Party."


Dr. Helena Jaczek
Member of Parliament, Markham—Stouffville, former MPP and Minister

"I'm very pleased to endorse Kathryn McGarry for President of the OLP. What I admire so much about Kathryn is her loyalty to the Party. We first met in 2007 as new candidates. Her persistence in advocating for Liberal values was finally rewarded in 2014, when she became a particularly valued member of caucus. At all times, she exemplified collegiality and a willingness to listen to all points of view."


Eric Davis
President, Waterloo Provincial Liberal Association

"Kathryn will make an excellent OLP President. She's incredibly experienced, having been a volunteer, candidate, MPP, Minister and previously served on the OLP Executive. She also has a powerful, inclusive vision for the Party - one that values input from everyone and from all regions. I'm proud to support her."


Kelly Steiss
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Kitchener Centre

"Kathryn brings a diversity and depth of experience that is vital to the future growth and development of the Ontario Liberal Party. She brings a leadership style that is inclusive, thoughtful, engaging and inspiring. I am excited that she has stepped forward to offer her skills and I look forward to voting for her as the OLP President!"


Cole Davidson
Former Director of Communicatioms, Liberal Research Bureau

"Kathryn has been my "political mom" for over a decade! I experienced her kindness, compassion, dedication, and incredible determination when I first met her over a decade ago in 2011. The lessons she taught me while knocking doors in Cambridge have stuck with me ever since. I know she would bring that same energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to serving as our party's next President."


Theresa Lubowitz
Former Communications Coordinator, Ontario Liberal Party

"I got to know Kathryn McGarry during the 2012-13 leadership election. She volunteered well after midnight to help our small team tackle the endless to-do list that comes with delivering a fair and transparent leadership election. She brings that same dedication and teamwork to every role she takes on, while always making time for the people she meets along way. Kathryn’s limitless kindness is why I consider her my ‘political mom’ – and why I think there’s no one better suited to grow and rebuild our party as President."


Bryan May
MP, Cambridge

"Having worked alongside Kathryn for many years, I have had a front row seat to her work ethic and leadership capabilities in our community. I know she will bring a competent, caring and thoughtful approach to her work as President of OLP and I hope you will all join me in voting for Kathryn at the AGM!"


Carol Mitchell
Former Minister and MPP

"As both a former Minister of Agriculture and someone who lives in a rural riding, I know that Kathryn has the experience to engage and motivate all members across our province. Her commitment to advancing Liberalism throughout Ontario will ensure she serves us well as President."


Jonathan Scott
Councillor, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

"Kathryn McGarry is proof that a nice person can do well in politics. She’s been at the heart of our party on the executive council, in caucus and in cabinet, she’s run a municipality and served for decades as a nurse. I know she’ll guide us well through the critical months ahead as party president."


Ayden Layng
Membership Chair - Kingston and the Islands Provincial Liberal Association

"I am supporting Kathryn for OLP President as OLP needs a President committed to our success and Kathryn is that person. She brings the necessary experience to rebuild the party."


Karl Kiefer
Former City of Cambridge Councillor/Region of Waterloo Councillor

"A true embodiment of experience, energy and empathy, Kathryn is a visionary and committed leader who I am proud to have worked alongside during her tenure as MPP and as mayor. I know firsthand that she has the tools to help rebuild the Liberal Party of Ontario."


Desiree Sam

"I am so excited to see Kathryn McGarry put her name forward and run to be the next party president. Her life-long commitment to OLP is really inspiring, and I am confident she will do the work necessary to build up our local grassroots so that we can be in a great position to win in 2026!"


Jacob Baisley
2022 Campaign Manager and Provincial Liberal Association President, Nipissing

"I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Kathryn several times over the last decade and every time, her focus was on what our community needed. As a Northern riding, we need that support more than ever. Kathryn is a strong voice for those she represents and we would all be lucky to count ourselves part of that community."


Shelley Backmore
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Huron—Bruce

"I believe that Kathryn has all of the qualities we need as our next President of the Ontario Liberal Party. Her extensive experience in municipal and provincial politics, her leadership skills, and her integrity will help us move forward to rebuild our Party. She has a good understanding of the challenges we face in rural and Northern Ontario Ridings, and her positive vision for the future is inspiring."


Jennifer Tuck
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Waterloo

"I am really excited that Kathryn has entered the race to be the next party president. As someone from Waterloo region, I can attest to the fact that Kathryn is a hardworking, caring and steadfast Liberal that will roll up her sleeves and rebuild the OLP in the right way. The party needs her steady leadership as we gear up for the next election. I hope you will all join me in supporting Kathryn at the AGM in March!"


Al Cunningham
Chair, Kitchener South-Hespeler Federal Liberal Association

"Kathryn McGarry has served our Region and our Province as both an elected Member of Provincial Parliament and as Mayor of Cambridge. This provides her with a unique perspective as she is acquainted with and experienced in dealing with both Provincial and local issues. In both capacities she has proven to be committed to the job and the people she was elected to serve and she has certainly served us well. It is this experience coupled with an exceptional work ethic that makes her an ideal choice to serve as President of the Ontario Liberal Party and this is why I am proud to endorse her as a candidate for this position."


Brian Santos
Past President, Cambridge Provincial Liberal Association

"It excites me to see Kathryn McGarry run for OLP President. Kathryn would be the perfect person for the job as I know no one is more hardworking and committed than her, and if you have ever seen her on the campaign trail, you know what I am talking about. I have had the honour to call her my MPP & Mayor. Her experience will help us as a party rebuild and define a clear path to success. She knows what it takes to inspire and win. We need someone like her to help put us on the right track."


Jamie Colwell
Chair, Cambridge Federal Liberal Association

"Kathryn was the very first politician to knock on my door. Ever since then, I’ve come to know the kind of person she is. I know that she will be a fantastic party president for several reasons: she is a consensus builder and actively seeks input from individuals on different ideas, she leads by example (not words) and she’s able to support all communities across Ontario. I hope everyone will join me in voting for Kathryn.”


Tyler Banham
Former President, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

"Rebuilding OLP starts by electing Kathryn McGarry as OLP President. Rebuilding the operations of a party takes front line experience & a lot of hard work. I know first hand as I served as President of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) when we only had 11 seats in Ontario federally and surged to 80 seats after 4 years of rebuilding at the grassroots level. Kathryn has the well rounded experience necessary to identify the problems holding OLP back and the intelligence & grit to solve these issues. Kathryn understands that the work starts at the riding level. Building up riding associations, training, increasing fundraising at the riding level. As President, Kathryn will ensure we are ground game ready come 2026."


Donna Cansfield
Former MPP and Minister

"What do you want in a leader? Someone who understands politics, someone who can build a team, listens and hears and understands the issues, builds consensus , brings the best out of the team and then leads the party to success. That is Kathryn McGarry. It is time to look forward. Kathryn has my vote, not difficult to make that decision."


Lloyd Longfield
Member of Parliament, Guelph

"I have known Kathryn for years and can attest to the fact that she would be an excellent and effective president of the Ontario Liberal Party. If elected party president at the AGM, I know her competence and good nature will be of great use as the OLP rebuilds from the grassroots up and prepares for the 2026 election. I hope everyone will join me in voting for Kathryn!"


Lorenzo Berardinetti
Former MPP

"I got to know Kathryn as a fellow MPP after she and her PLA broke through and won the 2014 election. Like me, she’s also served at the municipal level where all politics is local and the buck stops with you. Knowing what it takes to build your PLA into a winner - and how to effectively grow your support in the community beyond it - are the skills we need most in our next party president. Kathryn has a proven record of doing both and has my support."


Amanda Pulker-Mok
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston

"Kathryn has a track record of working hard to overcome challenges. She seeks out opportunities for consultation and collaboration, ensuring all voices are heard. She has the experience, the vision, and the drive to move the Ontario Liberal Party forward."


Wood Family
Ontario Liberal Party Volunteers 

"Our family has known Kathryn for many years. As a Member of Provincial Parliament, provincial Minister, and Mayor of Cambridge, Kathryn led with compassion and dedication. In her new role as President of the Ontario Liberal Party, Kathryn's proven leadership will no doubt set the stage for a much needed Liberal victory in Ontario."


Carol Price

"I am pleased to add my voice to the growing list of supporters for the election of Kathryn McGarry as President of the Ontario Liberal Party. Having served with Kathryn on Executive Council and watched her as a MPP and Cabinet Minister, I know her dedication to our Party. She is a hard worker, a compassionate person who does not give up. Kathryn understands the workings of both the Party and the Liberal Caucus and knows how they should compliment each together. I look forward to Kathryn’s leadership as we work toward achieving Party status and beyond."


Colleen Schenk
Past President, Ontario Public School Boards Association

"I am delighted and proud to endorse Kathryn for President of the Ontario Liberal Party. As a nurse, Kathryn understands healthcare. As a Mother and Grandmother, Kathryn understands education. Both of these areas are in crisis. We need a strong voice to ensure that our party addresses and supports these needs along with many others. With her varied expertise in multiple levels of government, Kathryn is that voice!"


Chris Ballard
Former MPP and Minister, Newmarket—Aurora

"Kathryn McGarry is focused on strengthening the Party from the membership up. Her commitment to supporting strong and effective PLAs that play a major role in the Party is the main reason I’m supporting her for President. As a colleague at Queen’s Park, I saw Kathryn in action and was impressed with her ability to bring people together, to set clear targets and to achieve ambitious goals. I know her political acumen, together with her past experience in other roles within the OLP, will serve us well."


Monique Smith
Former MPP and Minister, Nipissing

"Kathryn was a great colleague and is a team player. At this point in the Party’s history, we need someone who has a good sense of the Party’s history and a vision for its future. I know that the rebuilding of the Party will be in good, capable hands."


Susan Lloyd Swail
Former, Senior Manager Livable Communities at Environmental Defence Canada

"I've known Kathryn McGarry for over 50 years. She has the motivational leadership and organizational skills needed to rebuild the Liberal Party of Ontario. Her experience as Mayor, MPP, and Cabinet Minister make her the best candidate for President of the Ontario Liberal Party."


Cathy Gapp
President, Newmarket—Aurora Provincial Liberal Association

"Kathryn McGarry is the only candidate for OLP President who has shown a firm understanding of the importance of PLAs , exhibited a strong commitment to training the next generation of campaigners and who can do it with integrity and respect for all"


Cheryl Fullerton
Retired teacher union activist

"I am proud to offer my support for Kathryn's campaign to be the next Ontario Liberal Party president. Over the past decade or so, I’ve gotten to know Kathryn well. I know that she would work tirelessly for the Party and be outstanding in the role. Her determination, ability to bring people together, unparalleled leadership skills and passion for the OLP are just a few of the qualities that would make Kathryn a great president!"


Peter Curtis
Former Interim President and Executive Vice President for OLP

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Kathryn when we served on the Ontario Liberal Party's Executive Council together. Throughout our time working together, I witnessed firsthand her strong leadership skills and dedicated volunteerism as she worked to build up the riding associations in the southwestern region of Ontario. I hope everyone will join me in supporting Kathryn at the AGM in March!"


Diane Joliffe
Ontario Liberal Party Volunteer Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes

"I have been blessed to call Kathryn a dear friend and former colleague for over 20 years. I can personally attest to how hardworking and dedicated she is. She has a gift of being able to bring all people together. To nurture and encourage them so they can see their best potential. She is a born leader and Kathryn’s drive to bettering the Ontario Liberal Party is unmatched. If elected President she will serve our party well."


Manal Abdullahi
2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Scarborough—Rouge Park

"I have been blessed to call Kathryn a dear friend and former colleague for over 20 years. I can personally attest to how hardworking and dedicated she is. She has a gift of being able to bring all people together. To nurture and encourage them so they can see their best potential. She is a born leader and Kathryn’s drive to bettering the Ontario Liberal Party is unmatched. If elected President she will serve our party well."

Dakota Burgin
Senior Advisor to the Minister of Labour

"Kathryn understands that politics is for people. Her decades of tireless service to Ontario families -- her ten years of friendship and mentorship to me -- speaks for itself. She is exactly who Liberals need at the helm in this fight for better health care, better housing, better schools, and climate action in this province."


Mike Radan
President, Lambton—Kent—Middlesex Provincial Liberal Association

"As a former OLP candidate and a current riding president of a rural riding, I know how important it is to rebuild the party in a way that includes every corner of Ontario. Kathryn has the experience, know-how and energy to make this happen, and I am confident she will bring the much needed change the party needs at this time"


Brad Duguid
Former MPP and Minister, Scarborough Centre

"Kathryn McGarry has dedicated a significant portion of her life to serving people. Ontario Liberals should take her up on her offer to continue that outstanding service as President of our Party. She has the needed combination of strength, intelligence, and vision that successful leaders possess. However, perhaps her greatest quality is a unique ability to empathize and demonstrate compassion for people. She may very well be one of the nicest people I have ever worked with in my 23 years in Public Office. She would be a tremendous asset as we rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party."


Bill Kirby
Past Chair of Cambridge Community Well-Being advisory committee, OLP Volunteer and Member

"As an active member of my community for the last 20 years, I have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with Kathryn on countless occasions. Kathryn’s skills range from developing a critical path and leading a board to folding chairs at the end of the night. Always with a smile on her face and spring in her step. Yet the most valuable asset that I have witnessed Kathryn bringing to the table is that of being a unifying focal point. When canvassing on provincial campaigns I regularly saw constituents of every stripe claim a personal connection and greeted Kathryn with warmth. They knew that she would always do her best for everyone, and she did. This period in the life of the OLP will be best served by Kathryn’s experience as a builder, unifier, and creator of relationships at every level. OLP needs experienced leadership. OLP needs Kathryn McGarry."


Arvin Baradaran-Rajabzadeh
Ontario Young Liberals, GTA North Regional Coordinator 

"I’m supporting Kathryn for OLP President because she understands how important it is to support and rebuild our riding associations at the local level. That will be one of the biggest jobs for the next party president, and I know that Kathryn is up for the challenge and will do the work. Her strong leadership skills, organizing abilities and passion for the party will play a critical role as we lay the groundwork for the 2026 election."


Neil Aitchison
Liberal Supporter from Waterloo Region

"I am more than happy to endorse Kathryn’s candidacy for OLP Presidency. Not only will she bring her Liberal knowledge to the table, but her experience in elected offices of Cabinet, and Mayor of Cambridge will be invaluable as the party is to be rebuilt! She also has extensive media experience which will prove a definite asset to the party and the Province. Besides that she is a very nice person!"


Haseeb Hassan
Former President, Young Liberals of Canada

"I’m looking forward to voting for Kathryn to be the next President of the Ontario Liberal Party. She has drive, determination and strong leadership skills that will be an asset on Executive Council as we lay the groundwork for the next election. Kathryn knows the strength of our party rests at the grassroots, and I know she is the best candidate to support and empower our members in every corner of the province."


Habibah Patel
Vice-Chair, Cambridge Federal Liberal Association

"Kathryn has a proven track record of leadership and a deep commitment to improving the lives of Ontarians. Through her years of service, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring people together, build consensus, and develop practical solutions to complex problems. She has shown an unwavering dedication to promoting progressive policies that prioritize the needs of all, regardless of their background or circumstances. With Kathryn as President of the Ontario Liberal Party, I am confident that we will see a renewed focus on building a more inclusive and prosperous province where everyone has access to the opportunities they need to succeed."


Kevin Flynn
Former Minister of Labour and MPP for Oakville

"I’m supporting Kathryn for President, she’s the clear leader in this field of candidates. Her experience and leadership are simply unmatched in this race. If our party is ever going to form government again, it needs people like Kathryn McGarry leading Executive Council, she knows what it takes to get us back where we belong."


Donna Tiqui-Shebib
Past PLA President, Hamilton-West-Ancaster-Dundas

"Kathryn has the experience, passion, and dedication to rebuild and reshape our Party. Her enthusiasm, energy and progressive values make her an incredible choice and visionary for the future of the Ontario Liberal Party."


Dave Levac
Former Speaker and MPP for Brant

"I am proud to be supporting my good friend Kathryn to be our next party president. I got to know Kathryn on both a personal and professional level during our time together at Queen's Park. She has drive, determination and passion - all of which will be crucial as we prepare for the next election and rebuild our party from the ground up. I hope everyone will join me in voting for Kathryn at the AGM!"


Matthew Pronovost
2022 Ontario Liberal Candidate, Mushkegowuk – James Bay

"As a Healthcare professional, a former regional Vice-President, and former MPP, Kathryn has the experience and knowledge necessary to lead the Ontario Liberal Party in a new more positive direction. She understands the importance of being attentive, accessible, and transparent to the OLP membership. As a former candidate from Northern Ontario, I believe Kathryn is the right choice for President, as she believes strengthening the OLP’s presence and involvement in Northern and rural ridings should be a top priority."


Ross Lamont
Former President, Ontario Liberal Party

"I am pleased to support Kathyrn McGarry for OLP President. At this critical time in our history we require strong and experienced leadership. I have known Kathryn for more than 30 years and I know she can see us through the challenges ahead."


Nithy Ananth
President of Hindu Heritage Council of Canada,Community Activist. 

"I’m proud to support Kathryn for OLP President. She has presented the best plan to rebuild our party, is inclusive and has a long-standing history in our party. I am confident that with Kathryn leading Executive Council, our party will be able to lay the groundwork needed to prepare for the 2026 election. I hope everyone will join me in voting for Kathryn at the AGM!”


Stay tuned, many more endorsements to come!