Our Community, Our Future

Cambridge has always had great potential but we have lacked a clear vision for our future.

We need a vision for an innovative, modern city that engages and excites our community. Kathryn has that vision. Cambridge has exceptional features: the Grand River running through the core, world class trail networks, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and heritage buildings that provide a backdrop for the film industry. Leveraging these assets will provide more opportunities to grow our tourism sector.

We want to build a city which provides all of our residents, young and old alike, with exceptional recreational, learning and employment opportunities. Well maintained parks, trails, seniors’ centres, and cultural spaces, along with good public transit services, reliable public infrastructure, and affordable housing options, will increase the quality of life for our residents.

Affordable Housing

There is a real need for more affordable housing in Cambridge. The lack of forward planning to build more units has contributed to long wait lists. Providing more housing should be a top priority as it will reduce costs in the long run to our social services, health care, and policing sectors.

As Mayor, Kathryn will help find opportunities to create more. There are many flexible housing options, such as Co-Housing, the Secondary Suites Program, and the recent Inclusionary Zoning legislation, that our City and Region can utilize. As Mayor, Kathryn will work to obtain funding from all levels of government. under her leadership Cambridge will build more affordable housing units.

A City for Seniors and Youth

We serve our children best when we ensure they have access to services, opportunities, and activities. Kathryn would create a new youth advisory committee that has City support to implement their ideas through better marketing and communication with high schools. This committee should help guide the Mayor and council in their decision making.

However, we need to ensure Cambridge is not only a great place to grow up, but a great place to grow old.

Cambridge has a number of great senior centres, but many of our seniors don’t access these services. Social isolation, poverty, disabilities and transportation can pose barriers that prevent our seniors from getting actively engaged in our community. Working with community groups such as the Council on Aging, the City can better identify solutions to these challenges.

Cambridge can be an example for others. As Mayor, Kathryn would work to get Cambridge certified as an “Age Friendly City”, attracting new opportunities and funding for services.

 Multiplex and a Long-term Plan for Sports and Recreation

The Multiplex process was flawed from the outset and it has been a divisive issue in our community.

In addition to concerns about how the process unfolded, part of the problem is the lack of a long-term plan for our recreation facilies in this city.

Council needs more meaningful consultation with the public on this issue, as well as other, followed by the development of a long-term plan for sport and recreation in Cambridge that includes one or more multiplexes and a plan to pay for it. Kathryn, as Mayor, envisions a Sports and Tourism Advisory Committee to advise Council and plan for our sports facilities.

We need to ensure whatever the solution is, it works for residents in Preston, Hespeler, and Galt.

Building Infrastructure

A modern city needs modern infrastructure – and investing in infrastructure projects creates thousands of well paying local jobs.

The City’s asset management plan should be reviewed to ensure the proper funding is going to priority projects, as there is currently some uncertainty about the level of funding from the Ontario Government for some sectors. Aging underground water and wastewater infrastructure should have a long term replacement plan and our roads and bridges need to be safe for public use.

Cycling infrastructure provides a unique opportunity to increase people’s fitness, decrease traffic congestion, and provide more economic development opportunities. By investing in cycling infrastructure, such as improving our trail network and providing more bicycle parking, we can also benefit from a number of economically beneficial tourism opportunities to help our community and showcase our world class trail network.