Statement: Cambridge Chamber Interviews

After seeing the stories on social media about how these interviews are being conducted, I reviewed the proposed format and questions with some of the candidates.

I have decided not to participate in these chamber interviews.
I applaud and stand beside my colleagues in the municipal race who also are refusing to attend these interviews. Some of the questions asked could not be asked in a job interview and have no relevance to how someone would perform their role as an elected official.
Although I understand the idea behind the change in the Chamber’s usual format of interviewing candidates standing for election, that is getting to know the candidate in a more personal way, this line of questioning is out of line. If you are interested in me aside from my platform, I have included a section “Meet Kathryn” on my website that talks about my family background, my values and why I am running in this election including pictures.
Much has been done to try and get good candidates to run for public office. In particular, there has been a concerted effort by groups such as Equal Voice, and Waterloo Region Campaign School to have more women represented as candidates in any election. This format, with these deeply personal questions asked in a televised format, does little to encourage potential candidates to step forward into public service.
As always I will be happy to attend a normal campaign event hosted by the chamber and will continue to participate in chamber events, as it is at these types of events where candidates like myself can directly interact and discuss the issues with Chamber members that they actually care about.