Kathryn's Vision

Leadership That’s Working for Cambridge


A More Affordable Cambridge


Cambridge must continue to be a place where families can afford to call home and where our children can have the opportunity to build a life. As your re-elected Mayor, Kathryn will:

  • Continue to respect your hard earned tax dollars by delivering efficient, effective, and transparent city services
  • Ensure more homes are built to meet the demand in our community, while leveraging provincial/federal funding and private partnerships to create more affordable and supported housing units
  • Energy rates will remain affordable and dependable for next 10 years following the recent merger of our municipally owned electricity distributor GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+)
  • Continue to attract new well-paying jobs to generate revenue for our city and invest back into affordable community services


A More Prosperous Cambridge


We need to ensure that our growth continues to benefit all of us, with opportunities right here in Cambridge to build a business or a career. As your re-elected Mayor, Kathryn will continue to work with local businesses, BIAs, the Economic Development Corporation, and the Chamber to: 

  • Promote Cambridge as a great place to do business to Ontario, Canada, and internationally 
  • Make it easier for companies to set up shop, expand and grow, and create great jobs right here in Cambridge 
  • Continue revitalizing all three downtown cores, while protecting heritage buildings that provide a backdrop for our revenue-generating film industry
  • Work with the Region and the Province to ensure Cambridge gets the services and transit it needs, including the LRT, address traffic and speeding issues, and promote cycling tourism


A More Connected Cambridge


If we make the right choices, Cambridge can continue to be a place where we can live, work, and come together as a community. As your re-elected Mayor, Kathryn will:

  • Continue to work with all levels of government for more support and funding for social services to address the ongoing homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues in our community. A connected community is a safer community.
  • Make Cambridge the best place to grow up and grow older by delivering an ‘Age Friendly City’ for seniors and new opportunities for our youth
  • Move forward with the expansion of our sports and recreation facilities, including completing the new Cambridge Recreation Centre, expanding/upgrading facilities at Preston Auditorium,  support Buckingham Sports while they invest in 2 more ice pads at the Ice Park on Franklin Blvd, and connecting our neighbourhoods with world class trail networks
  • Continue to work collaboratively with families, business-owners, and community leaders to explore opportunities for more connected neighbourhoods and more free, fun places for families to enjoy together and increase happiness.